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The Motor Rebuild

Despite the fact that the motor in my truck has supposedly been rebuilt only 40 thousand miles before I bought it, my truck was having problems. I was getting "check turbocharger" error codes from the computer and had a mysterious coolant leak. The coolant did not seem to be mixing with the oil, but it was definitely going somewhere. I drove the truck around like this for quite some time while I diagnosed the problem and what I would do about it. After consulting with some other turbo owners it was thought that I either had a blown headgasket or cracked head. Now certainly this problem could have been solved with a new headgasket or head, but what fun is that? I decided to dive into a full-on rebuild with stronger, more powerful parts.

The initial disassembly has been done at Mike Fox's house. It seems as though the headgasket was blown, however it was letting coolant out to the atmosphere, not into the cylinder. This is why I didn't see coolant and oil mixing. The leak was behind the exhaust manifold, which is why I could not locate it. The engine was rebuilt at Palmer Automotive with the following parts:

About to begin...
The stock intake plenum
The turbo plumbing
Looks clean enough inside
This is where I was losing coolant from
Look how tiny the stock turbo is!

DOA Racing Full Rebuild Kit
Forged .040 Over Pistons with a 8.5:1 Compression Ratio
T3/T4 Turbo with Ball Bearing Center Section
Turbonetics "Log" Style Exhaust Manifold
Swain Tech Coatings on the Piston Skirts and Domes, Turbo Housing, and Manifold
370 cc/min Injectors from RC Engineering
22RE Head with Three Angle Valve Job and DOA Racing C270 cam
MSD 6BTM Ignition
Late Model Intake Plenum and Throttle Body
Griffin Aluminum Radiator
New Factory Motor Mounts from Stevens Creek Toyota
ARP Head Studs
Autometer Sport-Comp Guages
Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
3" Stainless Steel Exhaust

I am very eager to see how the truck runs after these modifications. My goal is to have a healthy increase in power and less turbo lag with no loss in driveability, mileage, or reliability.

Update 3/22/03- My father and I finally finished up the exhaust this week. It consists of flanges and a downpipe from Road Race Engineering, 16 gauge 304 stainless mandrel bends from Burns Stainless, and a Catco catalytic convertor and Dynomax stainless muffler from Summit Racing.


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